Dark Green Jade and Black Jade

Inky jade is a popular variety in jadeite jade recent years. Inky jadeite, usually looks black in usual light, but looks dark green through strong light. It is with high value, and is also believed to be more powerful in Fung Shui.


Inky Jadeite Cabochon

black jade dragon

Inky Jadeite Dragon

Black Chicken jade is another variety in jadeite. It is usually black or dark grey. It is not green through light. Some might be with grey or black inclusion.

black jade bangle bracelet

Black Chicken Jadeite

We can also find black nephrite jade. It is usually black, the color is even, seldom with grey or white inclusion.

Black Nephrite Jade

Black Nephrite Jade

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7 Responses to Dark Green Jade and Black Jade

  1. davezqw says:

    Really nice and clean images throughout your blog. I saw the black nephrite jade recently and jadeite shops in Singapore seem to be actively promoting it. Do you have more background on black nephrite jade and perhaps how to differentiate real from fakes?

    • rosejade1000 says:

      Thank you. I will try to write more about black nehprite. But it seems difficult for a buyer to tell which is real which is not. We take several months to finish a nephrite and know that it is not easy…… sorry.

  2. Daniel says:

    I like to know the websites for auction for Hetian jades.

  3. Pat Kennedy says:

    thank you for the information. I am just starting to get interested in jadeite.I am also interested in cameo pendants carved from jadeite. Have you seen any of those? If so, could you tell me about them,please. Thank you for your help. Pat

  4. Johnf599 says:

    omg! cant picture how quick time pass, after August, ber months time already and Setempber may be the 1st Christmas season in my location, I genuinely really like it! efagagggedce

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