Pair of Jadiete Dragon & Phoenix, Best for Couples or Lovers

Most of us know jade dragon, and some of us know jade phoenix, but what they mean when they are carved into a matching pair?

Jade dragon & phoenix pair represent a gentleman and a lady love each other. In the fairy tale, Dragon was from a tribe and Phoenix from another. The two tribes fought, the dragon’s tribe won. At last, Dragon married Phoenix. From then on, the world became peaceful.

In feudal times, dragon represents the Emperor, phoenix represents the Empress. Dragon and phoenix pair pendants are usually for couples, or lovers.

Fine jade dragon & phoenix pair should be carved from the same piece of raw jade stone. They will be with the same color and texture, which can be called natural matching pair. Just like he and she, seem make for each other.

Jade Dragon & Phoenix

Jade Dragon & Phoenix

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Which topics you are interest in Jadeite knowladge?

We find it is difficult to find jadeite knowledge in English in the internet. Some are too basic; some tend to sell instead of teaching; to make it worse, some are full of mistakes. The gemologist in our team wants to work with a translator to provide some correct information of jadeite in English. However, jadeite is so complicated that we won’t have enough time and energy to discuss all aspects of it. We just want to know which topics you are interest in. So we can choose topics according to your opinions.

If there is something you want to know about jadeite, please reply here, or click here to reply in our Facebook. We will try our best to fulfill your needs.

Thank you for your opinions.

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Pi Xiu, Chinese Feng Shui Animal

Pi Xiu 貔貅, also called Pi Yao, is a popular topic in jade carving. As dragon or foo dog, Pi Xiu is not an animal can be found in real life, either. It is an animal from fairy tale.

Pi Xiu’s head looks like dragon, its body looks like horse, its feet look like foo dog. It has one horn and wears a beard, its tail curled.

It is said that Pi Xiu is one of the sons of Dragon. It can protect us from harm. And, it has mouth, but no anus. It loves treasure. It can collect treasures from everywhere for its owner, but never let go. So, it is a very important Feng Shui animal. Anyone who want to be rich will try to own a Pi Xiu. It is believed that jade or copper Pi Xiu can bring more treasures.

Black Jade Pi Xiu

Jade Pi Xiu

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Dark Green Jade and Black Jade

Inky jade is a popular variety in jadeite jade recent years. Inky jadeite, usually looks black in usual light, but looks dark green through strong light. It is with high value, and is also believed to be more powerful in Fung Shui.


Inky Jadeite Cabochon

black jade dragon

Inky Jadeite Dragon

Black Chicken jade is another variety in jadeite. It is usually black or dark grey. It is not green through light. Some might be with grey or black inclusion.

black jade bangle bracelet

Black Chicken Jadeite

We can also find black nephrite jade. It is usually black, the color is even, seldom with grey or white inclusion.

Black Nephrite Jade

Black Nephrite Jade

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How to take care of your jadeite jade jewelry?

How to take care of your jadeite jade jewelry?

This is the question most jadeite buyers like to know. The answer is simple: be careful, don’t fall you jadeite.

Jadeite jade is hard, durable, but fragile. Falling or knocking to the hard surfaces is the main reason to destroy jadeite jewelry. Sometimes, the jadeite is broken; sometimes, crack appears; in other cases, no crack could be seen by naked eyes, but tiny cracks might appear in the inner part that you cannot see.

Lampblack in the kitchen can also do harm to jadeite jade. Put your high value jadeite jewelry off when you are going to fry your food.

Very high temperature and sunlight can damage your jadeite jewelry, too. Don’t bake your jadeite jewelry under the hot sun for a long time. Usually, I am sure buyers won’t treat their jadeite jewelry that way, right?

At last, strong acid can destroy jadeite’s structure. But usually, we won’t have high concentrations of sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid at home. Even if we have, we won’t soak our jadeite jewelry inside. So, I am sure this kind of damage won’t happen often.

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Will jadeite grows greener as time goes on?

It seems like an interesting question. But, actually, lots of buyers ask this question before purchasing a piece of jade jewelry. I guess, they would like the answer to be YES.

About ten or twenty years ago, sellers of low-quality jade take this as their main selling point. Those sellers always say, “Though this piece of jade looks grey at this time, its green color will grow. Believe me, it is a good deal. You pay the money for a piece of grey color jade at this time, but years later you own a piece of green jade. ” You know, the buyer is easy to spend money at that moment.

Do you believe the color in a gemstone will grow as time goes on? If not, why some old ladies say their jade bangle bracelets do become greener?

This might be because human’s sweat soaks in the piece of jade jewelry, especially if it is worn every day. Some compositions of the sweat react with the Cr ion in the jade jewelry and let it look greener.

However, as a person worked in the jade field for around 16 years, I just want to say, pay for what you see at this time, don’t pay for what it will look in the future. Actually, only a few of jade jewelry will look greener as time goes on, most of them won’t. And, usually, high quality jade jewelry, for example, icy or glassy variety, will never change their color. Don’t get fooled by this old selling trick.

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Valuation of Jadeite Jade (5)

4. Cut

There are mainly two kinds of jadeite jade cutting: polished cabochon ones and carved ones. When examining polished cabochon ones, the following factors should be considered: the shape, symmetry, width and height proportions. To carved ones, the modeling, their form, contours and lines should be considered.

5. Clarity

Flaws of jadeite jade can be divided into the following categories:

1.  Black spots. Or white spots that looks quite different to the full main color of the jadeite jade.

2.  Silky flaws. Brown ones make the jadeite jade looks darker; Whitish ones greatly influence the transparency.

3.  Filmy, planar or membrane-shaped flaws containing black or brownish yellow secondary minerals.

6.  Cracks

The value of a jadeite jade item will decrease if there are cracks in it. More cracks mean more discounts.

7.  Volume

In comparing high quality jadeite jade of the same quality, color, transparency etc, the greater the volume of it, the higher the price. For example, an imperial grade jadeite jade bangle is much more expensive than a cabochon of the same grade.

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